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              Yatari Express was established in 1986 as Class A freight forwarding company. With closed to 30 years being the leading forwarder.
              Presently, Yatari Express has set up its business network covering more than 50 cities and ports in the worldwide.
              Yatari Express is Non-Vessel Operation Common Carrier (NVOCC), as the member of CGLN & WCA network, we’re able to provide services:
              Sea Freight: Regular Consol Box to various ports in the worldwide, CY-CY & CFS-CFS service, Break-Bulk, Warehousing & Project Cargo Handling.
              Air Freight: Import & Export Customs clearance, Sea-Air Transhipment.
              Other service: Key Agent for Machinery Exhibition in the Asian Pacific Region. Domestics Trucking and Trucking Service between HongKong & China Inland. .

              ? 2014 Yatari Express Co., Ltd. 津ICP備08100030號